Fashion Month Fall 2021

Hadis Mehrabi

Fashion Month is always the most exciting time of the year for fashion lovers. It’s more than just about fashion, it’s where fashion is an art displayed in different forms, textures, colors, and blends. This is where designers display their latest collections to buyers and media and the world to see. These then become the trends that influence current and upcoming seasons. But what’s become even more interesting than fashion week is the street styles that gets more coverage. The theory is anyone can be celebrated as a fashion icon not just celebrities, and models. Show goers bring out their unique styles to the streets and become trend setters. Now each city has a unique style. 

There was one common theme amongst all four cities and that was the pop of color. That could be an accessory, like a big belt, or trendy flashy sunglasses, silk scarves just to name a few. All of which vibrant by the way. New Yorkers experimented with casual silhouettes, bold patterns, and vibrant hues. This season also included tailored suits that was seen everywhere. 

London Fashion week goers celebrated the week loud highlighted colors, prints, and layered them effortlessly. They also indulged in statement leather, blazers, and tailored pants. As for Milan Fashion week, the street style was monochromatic pairings, and casual-leaning comfort-based silhouettes. Tiger prints and patterns seemed to be making appearances in all four cities. Flat knee-high boots, long overcoats, and short hemlines were common theme amongst Paris Fashion Week’s show-goers. Long trench coats, cowboy boots, funky sunglasses were the buzz of Paris Fashion Week. Paris is arguably known for class structured blazer which is what the influencers and trendsetter were dressed in. Let’s have a look at some our favorite picks from a month of celebrating fashion.

Fashion Week Street Style New York City Fall 2021

London Fashion Week Street Style Fall 2021

Paris Fashion Week Street Style Fall 2021

Milan Fashion Week Street Style Fall 2021

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