Fashion is for Everyone

Nogol Zahabi

At the age of 34, Faduma Farah suffered a near fatal case Meningitis which made her paralyzed from neck down. 

After few years of regain control of her neck and upper body, now, she has founded a unique collection of adaptive wear for wheelchair users which was shown in London Fashion Week at a show produced by OFS. 

‘You have to deal with this “new you”,’ says Faduma.  

‘Everything has changed, from your movement to your body shape – you don’t feel good at all, you feel lost. Everything becomes a big hurdle – from travel, to the inability to work, to being housebound – and now you have nothing to wear. 

‘I don’t want people to look at me and think I don’t care about my appearance. I want people to see a woman who cares about herself,’ she adds. 

‘As wheelchair users we have a lot of hurdles in life and dressing up shouldn’t be one of them. I’d like every designer out there to think about the person in the wheelchair – don’t forget about us.’  

Harriet Eccleston was picked to design the collection. This collection includes magnetic buttons, relocated pockets, breathable fabric, hidden seams and sleeves which allow arm movement for pushing wheels. We hope in the near future the wheelchair users find an appropriate fashionable wear easily! 

Photos courtesy of: IMAXtree 

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