Contemporary Muslims Fashion Exhibit Opens in San Fransisco


In a political climate of unease, the America of today is one that leaves a multitude of cultures feeling misunderstood. These communities have had to speak up to protect not only their past and heritage, but also their future and what is next to come. Many creatives across the country have banned together to use art as an outlet to reflect these emotions, in turn promoting inclusivity and perhaps most importantly – an open dialogue. How can culture be communicated to those who don’t understand?

One such expression and push for awareness, can be found at the Contemporary Muslim Fashions exhibit at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. As the first show of its kind, “Contemporary Muslim Fashions” uses clothing to intertwine threads of history and time – reflecting the foundation of the modern Muslim woman of today. Each section of the exhibit documents how Islam is interpreted culturally. Through the use of contemporary art and fashion photography, highlighted styles portray the building of a deeply diverse identity.

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Emphasized are topics ranging from specially crafted modest styles of the high fashion couture houses to conversations around the newly released “sports hijab”. Not all designers included in the show are Muslim or of Middle Eastern descent, which creates a beautiful facet of this showcase. Different types of artists from American Muslims to non-Muslims are also highlighted – working alongside together – to harmoniously build a unified collective.

Some designers showcased include:

Middle East

Faiza Bouguessa

Mashael Alrajhi

Wadha Al Hajri

South/Southeast Asia


Itang Yunasz

Dian Pelangi

Bernard Chandran

North America/Europe

Saiqa Majeed of Saiqa London

Carmin Muhammad of Al-Nisa Designs

Fast Fashion

Sarah Elenany

Barjis Chohan

High Fashion

Yves Saint Laurent

Oscar De La Renta – ramadan and eid collections

Exhibit Architects

Hariri & Hariri

This exhibit goes through January, 6 2019 – check the website for more details.

Images courtesy of the de Young Museum + Hariri and Hariri

Written by: Zaina Budayr


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