Happy Holidays

Lauren Davis, ALANGOO.com

It’s slowly creeping up on us earlier and earlier every year… It is none other than the holiday season. Being a Persian American company we have the pleasure of celebrating both the auspicious night of Yalda and the wondrous Christmas festivities.

This year Yalda falls on December 21st, the longest night of the year, the Winter Solstice. This night brings about our celebrations of the arrival of winter, the renewal of the sun, and the victory of light over darkness. So many traditions hold significance for Yalda, such as the pomegranate, being the one that immediately comes to mind. The pomegranate’s bring red color symbolizes the crimson hues of dawn and the glow of light in the darkness. Why not be the pomegranate on Yalda night then? Here you can see our amazing array of pomegranate pieces of jewelry. One of our designers, House of Persia, has also created adorable Persian dolls to accompany us during Yalda.


Nogol Zahabi alangoo.com/house-of-persia

Kordestani Home offers the cutest pomegranate figurines and coasters for your Yalda night table of the traditional nuts, fruits and tea. In addition they have a beautiful collection of Persian carpets.

Khotan Design is the perfect designer for gift giving. The designer’s gold and silver Persian calligraphy pieces are truly a of celebration of love, beauty, and care. A perfect Yalda gift.

Persian Jewelry ALANGOO

Khotan Designs, alangoo.com/khotan-design

Falling just four days after Yalda is Christmas. Christmas is a time to bring all our friends and family together to celebrate. It is a day of food, drink, gift giving, and gift receiving. Christmas is all about meaning, celebration and love. Why give gifts that don’t hold that meaning? All of ALANGOO’s products are all either handmade, handcrafted, or made with a story behind them. We are particularly loving Farish‘s show-stopping Iranian pieces of jewelry, each handcrafted with love by the designer using hand-woven Persian carpet.

For home, we can’t get enough of Kalikut‘s Persian wall clocks, made with high quality bamboo and where a portion of proceeds go to Diabetes Awareness and Research.

Iran map clock

Kalikut alangoo.com/products-kalikut-apparel

We can’t forget about the men in our life and Parishad Gallery hasn’t. The designer herself says “All my art is totally handmade, and I make every single piece with care, thought and love.” You can ask her to design and hand-make your Persian name in the form of jewelry. What a better gift than that?!

Persian name jewelry ALANGOO.com

Persian name bracelet, alangoo.com/products-parishad-gallery

So, whatever holiday you’re celebrating this winter, ALANGOO has you covered for fashion, accessories, jewelry, gifts, and more. For you, everyone you love, and all made by independent designers.
Happy Holidays with love,

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