Persian Fashion in Russia

Lauren Davis,
If you follow ALANGOO on Instagram, then you know that we’re always jetting around the world to give a voice to independent Iranian designers worldwide. We’ve been everywhere from California, New York, London and beyond. However, earlier this month, ALANGOO flew over 4,000 miles through Eastern Europe to Russia for the first time to show off some ALANGOO Persian Fashion to that side of the world. We landed in Moscow and ALANGOO soon made its way to Astrakan by the Caspian Sea for Caspian Fashion Week.
Held in the exhibition complex Zeughaus in the Astrakhan Kremlin, a landmark in the region, this was the perfect setting for our showcase of art and design. Caspian Fashion Week’s main mission is to show the world the cultural mix of art and fashion that sometimes forgotten Caspian states have to offer. ALANGOO was invited to present our ALANGOO Private debut collection, Azadeh Taj for ALANGOO, along with other emerging designers from countries as diverse as Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Italy, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan.
We presented our whole collection to the packed exhibition center. The models walked down the runway fiercely while our on point track called Homeland by DJ Manti played. We made sure everyone knew that our Persian inspired designs were for everyone, from every country, and every background.
After our debut appearance at Caspian Fashion Week, we were then invited to introduce ALANGOO on air and through online and offline magazines. Golshid was on hand to discuss the collection, ALANGOO’s talented artists and designers, and our mission to give a voice to independent Iranian designers in the West. The end of our interview introduced another smaller fashion show of a few pieces for the program broadcast throughout the region. Azadeh Taj for ALANGOO is ALANGOO’s house produced debut collection in collaboration with fashion designer Azadeh Taj and ALANGOO’s founder Golshid Mola. Beautiful illustrations used on the garments were made by Iranian artists Kaveh Irani and Saba Nicknam.
Shop Persian inspired clothing, jewelry and other goodies directly from the designers at
If you speak Russain, check out Golshid Mola talking about ALANGOO and its mission on Russian morning show.

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