A Tour of Persian Inspired Tees

We’re in the midst of summer and its long overdue  for us to pick up more t-shirts for those hot afternoons with friends, casual dinners after a beach day, weekends on-the-go and running errands. ALANGOO is your one stop shop for statement fashion. Everything from modern to classic, men’s to women’s, and with a touch of Persian style.

First up, our newest t-shirt, Kalikut Apparel. Kalikut’s tees are animal inspired with overlaid graphics to make the map of Iran on all their tees stand out. Kalikut’s tees are made with high quality tri-blend fabric which will make you want to eat, sleep, and dance in these tees all day. 20% of the shirts proceeds go to Diabetes Awareness and Research. That means these tees make a fashion statement and the world a better place.


Also new to ALANGOO is Khoradad. Khordad hand prints t-shirts with a cool eastern/western art fusion vibe. Their Qajar Mona Lisa Khatoon tee is a pop art lovers dream, mixing the classical beauty Mona Lisa with the contemporary Iranian women’s beauty standards of makeup and fashion. Khordad’s Persian t-shirts are truly a celebration of Iran’s rich history with influence from antique Persian miniature painting, yet a subtle protest of Iran’s contemporary social issues with their contemporary pop art elements.


Next up is Bibi Agha. Bibi Agha is the woman for high quality photography printed tees. Her t-shirts are unbelievably realistic,  detailed, and show Iran’s Islamic art true beauty and soul, as well as the modern Tehran. Her tank tops and short sleeve t-shirts celebrate “Iranian architecture, poetry, and mythology, in a way I think other Iranians will intuitively understand, and non-Iranians will hopefully want to learn more about.” Her Rumi wasn’t white tee packs a powerful modern social statement too.


Roushani is another new brand that joined our ALANGOO marketplace that focuses on Persian inspired fashion, particularly Persian tile and eslimi pattern tops and tanks. Having traveled around the globe as a professional photographer, Stevie, the man behind Roushani design, has seen some of the most beautiful corners of the world. However he is always drawn back to the amazing beauty of Iran and the ancient architectural history. Roushani’s intense photo-realism makes his unique t-shirts truly show stopping pieces of art.


Next up is the witty and conversation making t-shirts designed by Kuff. Inspired by Persian tales and legends such as Shahnameh, Kuff t-shirts take you to a magical world that combines past and present to tell a new story about love and passion. Their graphic style is sure to catch the attention of those around you, and are reminiscent of familiar messages conveyed throughout history, such as the famous Rosie The Riveter, a cultural icon from the era of World War II in American history.


Also one with an affinity for modernized Persian miniature designs is Jordy. Jordy uses his Persian inspired t-shirts as an “opportunity to connect with people and engage with diverse characters from different times and places.” Jordy wants the wearers of their t-shirts to pack a punch, tell a story, show your soul, because as they profess “what you wear is who you are.”


Next on our tour we have a fan favorite, Studio Zhe. Studio Zhe has a broad range of men’s and women’s t-shirts that come long sleeve, short sleeve, fitted, v neck, boat neck, and the list goes on. You’re sure to find your favorite of these Persian calligraphy and typography prints. The designers say it best themselves, “We try our best to keep the beauty of Persian art in fashion and product design, individually and collectively, as our primary goal and we take this beautiful art out to the world and create the opportunity for other design and art lovers from different countries and cultures to get to know this art and fall in love with it too.”



Last but certainly not least on our tour is the modern styled and beautifully crafted SIFANI tees. SIFANI tees are simple, minimal with hand-printed geometric graphics. They may be simple but they pack a punch, as their simple graphics will get you talking. Their fun Persian Eslimi pattern necktie t-shirt is one of the most popular items we have.


Our tour of tees has commenced, however these are just a few of the amazing designs that ALANGOO has to offer, all designed and made independent designers and artisans with backgrounds in exotic cultures. Our recommendation as always: shop from independent designers. It’s more fun! Be sure to visit Sell on ALANGOO page and start selling. ALANGOO.com takes pride in providing a user generated marketplace for independent designers to showcase and sell their pieces globally and and connected to their diaspora worldwide.

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