Iranian Fashion Show at Edinburgh Iranian Festival

Lauren Davis,

Iranian Fashion Show, at the Edinburgh Iranian Festival

In just a few weeks, Edinburgh, Scotland will play host to the fourth biennial Edinburgh Iranian Festival. The festival, spanning 11 days, is a non-political showcase of world-class Persian culture. The aim is to increase understanding of Iranian culture, its people, and its history by showcasing both Iran’s ancient history and contemporary cultural life. With over 5,000 Iranians currently living in Scotland, Edinburgh is the perfect place to introduce the Scottish people, and the world to the heart and soul of Iran – through art, music, food, history, and fashion.

The festival is an all-encompassing cultural showcase. With events such as the Perception of Art Exhibition, the Iranian Cookery Class, and the Arezoo Symphony Orchestra Concert, there is truly an event for everyone to enjoy. However, none is more highly anticipated than the Persian Chic: Fashion Show. “Persian Chic” will showcase exclusive fashions by designers influenced by Iranian art and culture. This year, in collaboration with the festival, has the privilege of representing one British and six Iranian independent designers and jewellery artists to be featured in the festival, including

The exhibition, to take place at the National Museum of Scotland on Saturday 7 February, will bring guests on a tour of Iranian design, starting with a display of ancient Iranian garments, followed by a music performance by Azadeh, then the Persian Chic fashion show, finishing with a Persian Chic panel discussion with the designers and experts in the field of textile, fashion, and jewlery design. Sunday will also bring the Fashion Sale, a second opportunity to see the pieces and an opportunity to purchase, as well as a lecture on Iranian Dress for Women.

EIF Fashion Show will be unique in that not just one look or time period or style will be celebrated. The exhibition will showcase the whole spectrum of styles and designs of both current, and up-and-coming Iranian designers. While Naghmeh Kiumarsi is known for using vibrant colors and Persian calligraphy in her designs, Diba is known for printmaking and Persian symbols. Nazanin’s jewelry is known for its fluid, sensational, and emotional design, while Farish’s jewelry has been dubbed miniature sculpture. While ZARIR is known for edgy designs made with hand-woven fabric, Kourosh dresses are the true meaning of Persian chic. Each designer is celebrated for his or her own particular creative style, thus there will really be something for everyone in Edinburgh soon.

Simultaneously, all attendees of the Fashion Show, as well as all of you across the globe will have the opportunity to purchase the presented pieces straight from using PayPal or credit card while reading about the designs and learning more about the designers via their profiles on All links will go live on Feb 6th on opening day of Edinburgh Iranian Festival. Stay tuned.

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