Leila Hatami in a 180 Year Old Vintage Persian 18k Gold Outfit at Cannes Film Festival

Iran’s beloved actress Leila Hatami‘s deux-pièces outfit created a lot of buzz during and after the prestigious Cannes Film Festival that just ended in Cannes, France.

Compromising Iran’s rules and regulations when it comes to women’s attire Leila Hatami was criticized for her white dress attending the 2014 Academy Awards ceremony in Hollywood, by the Iranian community as they didn’t find the dress interesting. However, it seems like Mrs. Hatami nailed it this time on the Cannes Festival Red Carpet wearing a 180 year old Persian vintage pure 18k gold filigreed (zar doozi) suit. As Leila Hatami says herself to her fashion consultant Mehrnoush Shahhossein of Soha Design, the renowned actress had many recommendations from international design houses, but she was more up for selecting a piece according to Persian culture that is also in line with the regulations of the Iranian government.


Who recommended the vintage dress and where did it even come from? Mehrnoush Shahosseini founder and designer of Soha Design in Tehran is the person to get more info from. We had a chance to have a quick chat with Mehrnoush who is an architect but has now completely shifted to fashion design by launching her Tehran-based brand Soha Design in 2005. She explains:

“Leila Hatami contacted me to consult about selecting a piece to wear at the festival.  She was considering wearing one of the pieces from her dad, Ali Hatami’s collection, but it was only 14 days to the festival and it was not possible to prepare any dress from that collection.  I then recommended taking a look at our own family owned private collection to find attire that expresses the rich Persian culture. The selected piece was originally made for traditional festivities 180 years ago using the traditional Naghdeh Doozi (filigree technique) using pure 18k yellow gold.”  “The suit belongs to my ancestors and was worn only once and kept in our family wardrobe ever since.  My mother has high respect for Mrs. Hatami and she gladly offered the dress to her. We did not make any changes to it and only altered the back for Leila to wear.”





See below for other pieces designed by Mehrnoush Shahhossein that were worn by Leila Hatami during Cannes festival. 



Kudos to Leila Hatami for choosing from talented independent Iranian designers.  Here is another reason why you are loved! Check out some work of other independent Iranian designers at ALANGOO.com.

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