Lauren Davis,

This month’s ALANGOO featured designer, Fariba Mirzaie of Gabbeh, is truly one of a kind. Fariba’s exquisite, handcrafted pieces are designed to conjure the wearer and the admirer with emotion and thought. Her designs are very personal; yet lend themselves to being easily receptive to every admirer of wearable art in fashion, just as her life story and personal perspective is. Gabbeh’s designs are filled with details from Fariba’s life in Iran and now Canada, each design allow the wearer to live her creative journey and experience her experience, even if it is just for a moment.

Fariba’s journey started as she was born in Abadan in South Western Iran. Fariba says that her creative life began with playing with artful combinations of form and materials as early as the age of five onwards. In 1980, when the Iran-Iraq War broke out, her family moved to a northern border region. It was at this time, with the freedom and maturity she had garnered that she started designing and producing fashion. In 1996, Fariba left Iran and moved to Vancouver where she continued to design and also took up art and textile design classes at Capilano University and VCC. Fariba opened her own business in North Vancouver in 2000, later opening Gabbeh Textile Art Gallery.

Fariba produces her pieces from scratch – a process which includes designing the fabric, patterns and styles to create unique pieces of wearable art. Her designs reflect her background through every detail. She says she uses the power of nature to stimulate, harmonize and give insight in to all parts of life. Her pieces all begin as raw forms, whereas she then manipulates the fabric, printing, dying and embellishing it to create strong organic forms in a natural color palette.

One of her more awe inspiring pieces and one of my personal favorites on marketplace right now is her “Wearable Art Silk, Rayan Dress.” This piece, as many on ALANGOO are, is a fusion of art and design. She creates a top barely there out of sewn fabric together to give a natural earthy, and just handcrafted feeling. The lines of the piece accentuate a woman’s natural curves also alluding to her love of natural form. 


Rayan Dress by Gabbeh

Another exquisite piece in her ALANGOO collection is the “Silver Moon Dress.” This dress is a short sleeveless piece with texture visible miles away. It’s a piece that can be worn in summer on a gorgeous day out or to a cocktail party for a statement making look. Gabbeh plays on her natural themes though this piece. This dress features varying shapes, sizes and color schemes throughout to create a metaphor conveying intangible thoughts, thoughts of nature and its beauty. 

Silver Moon Dress by Gabbeh

Fariba’s work is a wonderful fusion of art and design coming from her creative perspective as a child in Iran and her artistic training as an adult in Canada. All of her designs are wonderfully handmade and handcrafted which really gets at the heart of her and ALANGOO’s mantra of a fusion of art with design. She is a designer that puts her all into every look, creatively and inspirationally and ALANGOO is pleased to feature Fariba Mirzaie as designer of the month.

Learn more about Fariba Mirzaei and Gabbeh and see/shop her designs at her ALANGOO Shop. Below is list of some of the awards she has received. Impressive!

Winner of Pasta Pollo People’s Choice Award for “Green Tree” at Wearable Art Show Port Moody Art Center

Winner of both the 2012 Award and the Best in Show Award (Sponsored by the Emily Carr University of Art and Design) at the Wearable art competition port moody art centre

Winner of both the Best of Show Award & People choice Award at Outside the Box, an Exploration of fiber – White Rock Art gallery Gallery Sep 10, 2011 

Winner of the best of show Award at the Wearable Art Show, Art Gallery of Campbell River, July 23, 2011

Winner of the best of show Award & People’s Choice Award at Art Attire wearable art show, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, June 11, 2011

Third place at Wearable Art Competition, Port Moody Arts Centre Oct 7, 2005 Exhibitions and Fashion show Feb 17,2013

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