A Waltz with “Food & Fashion”

Lauren Davis, ALANGOO.com 

This past weekend Ontario saw an influx of conscious fashion and art enthusiasts. Designers, stylists and fashion loves alike descended on the Canadian city for the 2013 Eco Chic Fashion Show and Exhibition presented by Simply Green Unique Events on Sunday October 6. The fashion show included such creative and inspiring talent such as Poplyn Boutique, Sempre Bella Intimates, Fragola Swimwear, and Hakim Optical. The first runway show of the night, “Food & Fashion” by Hasti and Nazbash, one of the most anticipated shows, went off without a hitch and encapsulated everything we could have wished for from a collaboration between these two wonderfully, creative designers.

“Food & Fashion” is Iranian designers Nazbash and Hasti’s first collaborative collection together. Nazbash was the brainchild of the collection being inspired by cooking, in particular cooking traditional Iranian dishes. “I came up with the idea of fashion and food about two years ago. Cooking has always been my passion and my meditation time though which I ground myself and I connect to the joy of life.” Nazbash became inspired to start making food into fashion after making the first shrimp dress. “After I started working on the food and fashion collection, I felt [Hasti’s] specialty in hand craft design and textile would be an asset to my collection.”

Both designers brought something different to the collection. “Hasti’s work is much more focused on details and textures versus mine is on modernism and minimalism.” says Nazbash. Both designers styles can be seen in each and every pieces. Nazbash brings a sleek design to the dresses and tops allowing for Hasti’s focus on craftsmanship and the details to be a standout. Each pieces encompasses both the simplicity of food, being at its most basic sense a life source, with the intricate details and spice that food can also be as an art form, and cultural and personal storyteller.

Being eco-concious is also of great importance to the duo. Every piece in the collection is a combination of handcrafted wearable art garments and accessories made of natural fabrics including silk and linen. Hasti emphasizes,“we used the hand painting on fabrics with natural paints and mixed them with re-used fabrics to create our designs.” Nazbash says that she goes the extra mile to make sure she buy’s eats and wears organic and natural, just as the food and fashion collection showcases.

After searching my brain to define “Food & Fashion” in a single sentence, I find that the designer herself describes this collection perfectly. It is a “waltz of food and fashion” says Nazbash.

Photographs courtesy of Bahman Mahmoudi and Pasargadae Films Production.

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