ALANGOO Hosted Showcase of Independent Jewelry and Clothing

ALANGOO is an on-line and off-line retailer who features independent clothing and jewelry designers creating unique, hand-made fashion for cosmopolitan consumers. They are hosting an evening cocktail event in order to bring together underground designers and potential e-commerce clients, customers, and bloggers. 15 talented designers of Persian and Middle Eastern backgrounds will be showcasing their work.

Washington DC, August, 15th 2013 – ALANGOO hosted a nighttime event in order to promote collaboration between undiscovered independent clothing and jewelry designers and e-commerce partners on Thursday, August 15th at Cities Lounge in Washington DC. There were 15 independent designers with Persian backgrounds displaying their work. This was a night of drinks and conversation in order to help connect designers, customers, bloggers, and editors in the fashion and media industries. connects independent-minded shoppers who appreciate individuality and innovation in the design of clothing and accessories. This will be ALANGOO’s 4th event since it was launched in 2012. Successful showcases of handmade jewelry and accessories have previously been held in New York City, Los Angeles, and London. Additional sample sales events are also being scheduled to take place in Los Angeles, Boston, Paris, and New York in the future.

ALANGOO is passionate about supporting the Persian, Central Asian, and Middle East design movement by helping talented underground designers reach out to potential e-commerce partners. This movement features undiscovered talent creating unique Persian calligraphy clothing, handmade jewelry, and handmade t-shirts, among other unique accessories. The styles found in Persian fashion have yet to reach the mainstream Western markets despite the talent and creativity of underground designers from this background. There are opportunities for retailers to capitalize on the fresh angle in the clothing and accessories market which ALANGOO would like to showcase to both on-line and off-line retailers in order to provide the well-deserved exposure to these talented designers.

The founder of ALANGOO. Golshid Mola, grew up and was educated in Tehran before moving to New York City for further education and to begin her professional work. She intimately understands the unique angle that Middle Eastern and Persian designers can provide to the clothing and accessory world. ALANGOO was created to provide an avenue for underground artists to connect with outlets in media and commerce in order to popularize their creative, handmade jewelry and accessories. The company’s mission is to provide creative and innovative designers with new platforms to promote their pieces which they would not ordinarily be able to access.

To learn more about the fashion provided by the artists or the avenues which ALANGOO is creating to help promote Persian and Middle Eastern art and fashion in Western markets visit their website Also see the BBC Persian reports on the event.

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