Mashi’s Handmade Summer Perfect Jewelry

As the summer months progress into longer days with higher temperatures, our wardrobe and jewelry choices change to accommodate the ensuing heat and our developing laid back approach to fashion. I find that summer is the perfect time to pair more delicate, detailed handmade jewelry pieces with our lighter wardrobe. One of’s newest designers, Mashi, handcrafts such exquisite pieces perfectly.

Mahvash, originally from Iran, now designs and creates in France. Having attended the Ecole des Beaux Arts in France, she started creating jewelry in 2010 after a trip to Singapore. “I didn’t know much about jewelry making but as [Singapore] was a good hub for jade and other stones, I bought some and started to create.”

Since finding inspiration in Singapore, Mashi has traveled extensively. She gets inspiration and acquires her gemstones, pearls, and jades from all around the world, but prefers to travel to the Middle East and Asia. “Iran, India and places in South East Asia such as Cambodia. There, I go to vintage and old markets and see what I can find.”

Mashi’s designs are beautifully feminine and delicate, great to pair with flowy summer dresses and airy, hot weather blouses. Her motto for designing jewelry is “less is more”. “I always appreciated simple and discrete designs, and this never changed… I break [tribal ornamental pieces that I find] down and then customize them with simplicity and try to use matching colors instead of a whole lot of colors.” All of Mashi’s pieces evolve around these creamy pastel tones with a hint of an accent color, perfect for an everyday work look, while subtly playing up your summer glow.

Summer is also a time for playing with and wearing an array of exotic stones and gems, which bring a hint of a chic, boho look to any outfit whether it’s for a music festival, a walk on the beach, or an office meeting. Mashi’s jewelry revolves around these exotic stone combinations. She says “I make my jewelries paying attention to the energies and meaning of stones and this does influence my designs. All stones are hand picked… this is why everything is more or less limited edition.”

In addition to her beautiful, delicate and one of a kind pieces, Mashi is also looking forward to presenting here new line of hand-made and hand-painted table wear and tea towels with ALANGOO soon, so keep a lookout!

Mashi’s beautiful jewelry is featured on her ALANGOO store at:

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