ALANGOO: Answering the Call for Statement Jewelry

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I love Ke$ha’s new music video for her song Crazy Kids featuring Besides being a super catchy summer tune the video is full of Ke$ha wearing tons of eye catching, over the top jewelry. Her hands are blinged out with rings, and she’s sporting more than just a few bracelets and necklaces. What Ke$ha’s newest music video truly captures is the power and importance of statement jewelry, a trend that isn’t going out of style anytime soon.

Here at ALANGOO we are answering fashion’s call for statement jewelry, by providing pieces of art never before seen. The site is a beautiful marriage between fashion and art that provides support for indie artisans or designers to showcase their hand-made or design jewelry, accessories and clothing. ALANGOO in a little over a year has begun to create a community of fashion ambassadors who are not only updating their closets with the some of the most unique fashion accessories created in the world, but who are also bringing Eastern culture into Western fashion and culture.

When I think of the fashionista wearing ALANGOO jewelry, I see a shopper who is both fashion savvy and globally conscious. The celebrity I would love to see wearing jewelry from ALANGOO, would be the beautiful and talented humanitarian Angelina Jolie. Her charity and volunteer work around the globe is truly inspirational and she would proudly stand behind ALANGOO’s goal to help create a cultural bridge from East to West by wearing art made by artists who without ALANGOO, would never be introduced to the world.

No one can forget Angelina Jolie’s stunning emerald jewelry she wore to the Oscars in 2009. All eyes were on the gorgeous starlet and her over the top attention grabbing jewelry as she strutted the red carpet.

Since then, statement jewelry has only become more popular. Popular fashion blogs from Refinery29 to Fashionista have written numerous blogs on how to pick out the perfect statement piece for your wardrobe or outfit. The trend of statement jewelry is one that is here to stay and is taking on a more mature, refined and educated look. What had begun as a rush to wear large mainstream designer pieces has slowly matured into searching out the perfect one of a kind piece that says something meaningful about your taste and style. Just take a look at stylish celebs rocking the statement jewelry at award shows and the red carpet.

 Leighton Meester in an attention grabbing necklace

With the advantage of the web providing sites like Etsy and easy access to jewelry designers, the question has now become where to find new exciting fashion accessories. To stand out means to always be ahead of the curve and to be continually looking for new statement pieces and to not have some cookie cutter accessory everyone has.

Jewelry and other fashion accessories are taking the fashion stage, as the defining part of an outfit. Mainstream clothing and designer labels are not cutting it anymore for fashion statement jewelry. Celebrities and fashion lovers are searching for their own hand-made one of a kind piece to steal the spotlight.

ALANGOO, has provided a user friendly site that allows shoppers to view and purchase unique, exotic, statement pieces of jewelry currently unavailable from the designers. Buying an accessory from the artists at ALANGOO brings a homemade, unique aspect to your wardrobe. These underground Eastern artists are bringing an exotic edge to Western Fashion, creating a unique personal style.

The designers featured on ALANGOO are creating one of a kind pieces of jewelry that stand out. Just a few designers to look at would be the flowery and colorful creations of Tooticree  .HoopoeCreations has large and in charge mutli media pendants to add texture to any outfit. And look no further than designer Behroo’s silver pieces for eye catching sophisticated bracelets and earrings. Each designer and artist on the site is as unique as his or her work and is trying to say something through each piece.

The answer to how to maintain and update a unique fashion forward wardrobe is looking to the East for new designs and styles not yet seen before. Embracing underground Eastern artists and their beautiful work means a start to bridging the fashion gap between East and West and feeding the new trend of quality over name brand labels. The ALANGOO designers are taking their Central Asian culture and transforming it into pieces of jewelry that not only speak to style, but to their inspirational cultures.

Lauren Goodnow, M.A. in Apparel Design, Cornell University

Sahar's Persia Inspired Cuff

Sahar’s Persia Inspired Cuff

Shadras Persian Calligraphy Earring, Love

Shadras Persian Calligraphy Earring, Love

Nazanin's Persian Calligraphy Earrings

Nazanin’s Persian Calligraphy Earrings

Khazali's Persian Calligraphy Earrings

Khazali’s Persian Calligraphy Earrings

Behroo's Persian Inspired Hair Accessory

Behroo’s Persian Inspired Hair Accessory

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