Italy to Iran, Fashion Reinvents History with a Modern Twist

On runways this season, designers have been alluding to earlier time periods– from Celiné paying tribute to the outlandish artwork of Méret Oppenheim with their fur lined sandals, to Dior’s fall show which focuses on sketches by Andy Warhol in the 1950.

Celine_furry-shoes_butterboom2 copy


Fast forward to the roaring 1920s, the era in which F. Scott Fitzgerald’s iconic novel, “The Great Gatsby,” takes place. When director Baz Luhrmann and actor Leonardo DiCaprio revived this novel with a film release in May, the style of the 20’s made its way back into street style. The soundtrack to this film gave it a modern edge (with a hip-hop sound executively produced by rapper Jay-Z) and the fashion from the film can be integrated into a modern wardrobe. From sequin dresses to fringe bags, this era is very much alive. When it came to fashion, the 1920’s were all about glamour and taking risks.


Dolce & Gabanna too went way back in time! Flashback to medieval Sicily, a time when kings ruled over their vast hills and spared no expense when it came to architecture. D&G’s line features the King of Sicily, Roger II, by using hand beading to mimic his creations. These kings’ lavish churches were the inspiration for this season’s theme. D&G’s Fall 2013 collection includes elegant shift dresses, which were inspired as colorful tributes to the Mosaics of Palatine Chapel in Sicily. The models are accessorized with gold headpieces and arm candy fit for a Sicilian queen! G&B does an amazing job recreating the intricate artwork of one of the kings, Roger II, by using hand beading to mimic his creations.


The designers call this theme “Tailored Mosaic” in their most recent preview video. In the video, D&G fans get a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes touch ups before the models enter the catwalk. The bold shine that these pieces have and the unique detail of each piece stand out. As the models walk, the pieces range from allover embellished shift dress to an oversized bronze top and short set. Later on in the show, the theme of cathedral-inspired fabric dies down, and the models can be seen wearing tweed coats but still rocking their golden crowns and necklaces. D&G’s original creators Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabanna have drawn inspiration from Sicilian architecture in previous collections, but this show gives it the reinvention that has never been seen before.




Getting inspiration from the past is being recognized in the pieces designed by a lot of independent Iranian fashion designers and artisans as well. The 2500-year-old Persian Empire inspired pieces such as the ones we see from Espanta Designs, traditional flower and bird motifs used by Inca clothing and M.Khazali Jewelry and Persian Miature inspired designs by Jordy  to name a few.




The most influential Iranian female poet from the 1950s  is another example of historical figures that have been an inspiration for NIMANY among other historic Iranian personalities utilized sharply by this NY based brand. From Italy to Iran, fashion reinvents history with a modern twist.

Florencia Rodi,

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