Jinor, Hand Printed Silk — By Ali Nourizadeh

Last week we had a little chat with Ali Nourizadeh, the proud founder of the fabric design brand, Jinor. Ali graduated from the University of Yazd, Iran in Textile Design. He also holds a Masters degree in Fashion and Textile Design from Marmara University in Istanbul, Turkey. Ali has exhibited his textile designs in numerous exhibitions and shows in Tehran, Tabriz, Yazd and Malaysia. This month ALANGOO is also featuring Jinor on our homepage, http://www.alangoo.com, as artist of the month because we are impressed with the quality of his work and his love and dedication to batik printing.

541095_331417136923100_1479835948_n 540944_331417123589768_1586321231_n 555209_331416980256449_136795162_n Jinor HandPrinted Silk

What is batik printing exactly?! Make sure to check out the beautiful short video done by Jinor on our homepage. But in short: batik is an ancient method of printing on fabric largely used in Eastern cultures. This method uses wax cutouts to manipulate the materials. Wax acts as a shield preventing ink from penetrating the material. The technique allows designers to execute elaborate patterns without destroying the fabric.

How did you become interested in batik printing, and how different do you find it compared to other printing techniques that are used on fabric?

A.N: I became familiar with batik printing when I was at school in Istanbul and visiting batik studios in Osku made me completely fascinated with it. I would always fancy about how to execute my own ideas using this technique. Batik printing requires a lot of steps to be taken to gain the final result and it is very time consuming. This makes it different from painting and other printing techniques that are done on fabric in a way that you need to have much stronger vision of your design. This of course makes it more complicated but at the same time more attractive to me. Simply put, I make love to batik.

Jinor is now based in Istanbul. Do you feel that the perception of the brand is different here than in Iran? Where do you see or want to see your brand in the future and what kind of support do you need to get there?

A.N: Here in Turkey consumers have somewhat better understanding of batik and my work. Jinor was recognized by Tanju Babacan a well-known fashion brand. But I can say that in Iran as well, Jinor is getting  good appreciation. The only thing is that the prices seem to be too high for the Iranian market which makes sense. Batik is very time consuming being done by hand and also I use the best silk available and unfortunately this affects my prices. Ideally and hopefully I can make Jinor an international brand and I will do anything in my power to reach this goal. What I need the most from my fans and anyone who is interested in my work is getting the word out and help to introduce what I’m doing.

The Jinor team is currently working hard on its new collection of batik printed silk and is planning to work with fashion designers to set up shows with Europe and maybe the U.S. in 2014. We wish Ali and the team the best of luck! To visit Jinor’s ALANGOO shop, click here: http://www.alangoo.com/jinor


ImageJinor HandPrinted Silk    ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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