End of Norooz and ALANGOO’s wish

With Norooz (Persian New Year) festivities coming to an end, so are the discounts offered by talented Iranian designers and artisans on ALANGOO.com! Click here if you’d like to take advantage of the end sales. Here at ALANGOO, our goal is to encourage all the fashionistas out there to wear designs by indie designers and artists within their own communities. In a society that mainstream fashion and commercial brands are becoming less attractive to creative minded shoppers, take advantage of the uniqueness and individuality that underground designers are offering. Not only do you help them build stronger voices, you also make a fashion statement that is uniquely yours!  As they say, fashion is what is offered to you every year and style is what you select from it. So, be stylish! Be you! Stand out from the crowd! Support independent and underground designers! And more importantly, support your people, ALWAYS!

We would like to again wish you all an amazing New Year! May this year be filled with more kindness, support and creativity and less judgment, criticizing and imitating 🙂

Happy Spring everyone and have an amazing 13-bedar outing!

P.S. congrats to Ala Hashemi, the winner of ALANGOO’s egg decorating contest. Also, congrats to Soolmaz, our other finalist. See the beautiful decorated eggs here.

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