Sculptures You Can Wear by Zarak Group

Today was the last day of Zarak exhibition showcasing contemporary wearable sculptures at Mah e Mehr Gallery in Tehran. Zarak group consists of 30 selected jewelry making students of Parviz Tanavoli, the pioneer of modern Iranian sculpture. As Tanavoli says, unlike large sculpture and traditional jewelry, contemporary jewelry and sculptures in small scale can become a symbol of an individual’s thoughts and characteristics. Understanding these characteristics, the Zarak artists have found their own way  in bringing out the practical side of an artistic concept like jewelry making. Looking at the sculptures and jewelry of Tanavoli’s students, we can’t help our fascination and admiration for their skills in designing this wearable art. As what Tanavoli believes, Zarak artists combine both self-innovation and technology to give their designs new spirit and the energy of human life.

Take a look at the slide show and enjoy as we all did! Zarak was previously showcased in Kuwait and is planning its future exhibitions in London, Beirut and some other countries. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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