Here are some interesting links we found during the past past few days to be featured on this blog. Nowrouz 1392 @ ARTSPACE London ARTSPACE LONDON is pleased to announce their first annual Nowrouz exhibition which will include Nicky Nodjoumi, Kambiz Sabri and Malekeh Nayiny. ARTSPACE LONDON is excited to host this show which will run alongside Art Dubai, ART13 and the Persian New Year (Nowrouz). Together these artists bring an abundant of talent in varying styles from political works on paper to socio-political sculpture. Visti artclvb.com to learn more. Nowrouz 1392 ar ARTSPACE

Find the Missing Word

A Babylonian artifact written by a Babylonian scribe about a Persian conqueror; prized by Iranians as an emblem of their civilization; valued by many Jews whose Bible gives credit for Cyrus’s acts not to a Babylonian God but to Jehovah; found in modern Iraq by British-sponsored archaeologists who acquired it from the Ottomans; a declaration compared to the U.S. Constitution because of what it says about peoples worshiping freely in a single state; and now an object that within the space of a few years has traveled to Tehran and to Washington. The Cylinder will be displayed on the East Coast at the Smithsonian in Washington and the Metropolitan Museum in New York; and on the West Coast at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco and the Getty Villa in Los Angeles. It will also make an appearance in Texas at Houston’s Museum of Fine Arts. Visit New York Times  to read more. By Roger Cohen.

Cyrus Cylinder

That Person Who Is Your Creation, by Mona Shomali

Iranian artist Mona Shomali addresses complexities of feminine identity in “That Person Who Is Your Creation,” at the Asian Arts Initiative in Philadelphia until April 26. Shomali was born in Los Angeles in 1979  same year as the Iranian revolution. Her paintings depict the constant juxtaposition of two worlds in one identity. Visit Huffington Post to read more. 

By Mona Shomali

Shirin Neshat’s Keynote Speech at SCAD

Last Thursday, Iranian-born artist and filmmaker Shirin Neshat  was an honoree of Savannah College of Art and Design’s (SCAD) deFINE ART 2013, a series of lectures and events across SCAD’s Atlanta, Hong Kong, and Savannah campuses, and delivered the keynote lecture for them. Read more and listen to her lecture at BURNAWAY.org.

Shirin Neshat

Have an amazing weekend everyone! ALANGOO

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