Tabriz Rugs On Hermès Runway

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Christophe Lemaire crafts a wearable collection of outerwear inspired by the heritage of  Tabriz carpet* motifs, elevated with Hermès’ quint essential luxe for this Fall/Winter. Masculine and over-sized pieces crafted in rich colors made with Hermès “Tabriz” fabric finished with a touch of leather. This is not the fist time Hermès was inspired by Iranian art and motifs. We all remember the Hermès scarf of “Qalamdan” by Catherine Baschet. See photos attached.

* A Tabriz rug/carpet  is a type in the general category of the world renowned Persian Carpet from the city of Tabriz, the capital city of East Azerbaijan Province in north west Iran. 

7 responses to “Tabriz Rugs On Hermès Runway

  1. is the scarf with the name QALAMDAN recently reissued? Since I remember this pattern was first designed and produced by Hermes in 1991 and then again in 2000 and 2002.Catherine Baschet has designed it. is it reissued for this season? I should get to a Hermes boutique and ask them.

  2. Hi
    was wondering where did you get these images? there is no sign of this fashion runway anywhere on the web!!
    Im doing a research for my history o fashion class and I need a good source of these pictures and some reviews over it . All I found was, some Iranian blogs posting these pictures.
    I have searched all the fall/winter , pre fall , spring/summer 2012 and 2013 and there is no sign of these pictures anywhere.
    I would apreciate if you share with me your source.
    Thank you

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