Looking over these designs- tailored simplicity with a splash of Technicolor brights– hamansutra’s many lives are on display. Born to Persian parents in Tehran, hamanstura has grew up between Queens, New York and Munich, Germany. hamansutra created his epynonymous label Munich in 1996, and later formed the company in 1996.

I developed my own philosophy from my passion for instructions, and the endlessly changing positions in the game of fashion.

And how did hamansutra come up with the title for his label? It’s a portmanteu referencing Haman, the prime minister for Xerxes I of Persia, and “Sutra” which is a Sanskrit word for instructions.

I studied graphic design just to develop my graffiti style… I was always carrying black books, doing my sketches, dreaming on paper.

Having worked as a graphic designer, its no wonder where hamansutra found the inspiration for his shoe line, CMYK– the color model graphic designers would use for printing. His handmade shoes feature male and female audio jacks, which reference his career as a DJ.

When you work on anything creative, music is a very important factor, because you can feel the vibrations for your inspirations in the music.
And, as both a DJ and a lover of Graffiti, who better to collaborate with Cari Zalloni on book commemorating Cazal glasses, the first choice of B-Boys everywhere?
If you are as fascinated as we are by hamansutra, be sure to check out this interview from The SHHO, where he recounts an illustrious story about getting caught doing graffiti in Munich.

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